Hi! My name is Zita. I'm from Hungary. 26 years old, straight female. A freshly graduated librarian and information scientist with Communications and Media Studies minor. Hopeless romantic, dreamer, Aquarius, art lover, noncomformist, nerd. I support gay people and their rights.

In this blog I mainly post about X-Men, Thor, Loki, Thorki, Cherik (my current obsessions), the Avengers and I WARN you: some slash/yaoi stuff so prepare yourself for NSFW!

kittyraellyn replied to your post “I don’t like watching dubbed movies and I don’t like reading porn, fan…”

I agree! It’s very strange to read this kind of thing in my language. And dubbed movies are worse. They are always translated wrong and sometimes they put some weird local accents that are terrible.

Yeah, that really annoys me if something translated wrong or they don’t use a more suitable word etc.

darlingnikkisayshi replied to your post “My friends are already joking about that I’m gonna work at the police….”

you will do amazing!!!!!! good luck tomorrow! <3

Thank you very much dearie! :D xoxo


when you’re reading porn and you can’t tell what position their bodies are supposed to be in and you’ve lost track of all limbs and you’re just


I don’t like watching dubbed movies and I don’t like reading porn, fan fics in my own language either. :P

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Nagyon komoly. xD Kb. a film felénél van, miután a SHIELD lerakétázza Dr. Zolát és Steve meg Natasha megússza. :D

Steve Rogers + Close Ups (not necessarily of his face)

darlingnikkisayshi replied to your post “So yesterday I rewatched Winter Soldier, dubbed! And laughed my ass…”

that is fantastic. :)

Idk who had this idea but it’s funny. 1st I thought I misheard it. “Santa” …oh dear xDDD